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February 27, 2020

50 Vintage Pics Show Cars of the Soviet Union From Between the 1950s and ’70s

The automotive industry in the Soviet Union spanned the history of the state from 1929 to 1991. It started with the establishment of large car manufacturing plants and reorganisation of the AMO Factory in Moscow in the late 1920s–early 1930s, during the first five-year plan, and continued until the Soviet Union's dissolution in 1991.

1961 Gaz M-21 Volga. Second Generation (1958-1962)

Before its dissolution, the Soviet Union produced 2.1-2.3 million units per year of all types, and was the sixth (previously fifth) largest automotive producer, ranking ninth place in cars, third in trucks, and first in buses.

Soviet industry exported 300,000-400,000 cars annually, mainly to Soviet Union satellite countries, but also to Northern America, Central and Western Europe, and Latin America.

These vintage pics from Andrezj Maczulski that show cars of the Soviet Union from between the 1950s and 1970s.

1955 Gaz m20 “Pobeda”. 3rd Generation (1955-1958)

1955 Zis-127 “Moskva”. 1st Generation (1956-1960).  The First Soviet Coach

1957 MZMA Moskvitch A9 (8-passenger van)

1957 RAF-08 “Spriditis” & 1957 RAF 977 “Latvia”

1958 Moskvitch 407

1958 MZMA 444 “Moskvich”

1958 MZMA Moskvich 423Н

1961 Gaz-13 “Chaika”

1961 UAZ-451D

1961 Ziu-5

1962 Gaz-21 Volga. 3rd Generation (1962-1970)

1962 Scaldia Special De Luxe (Moskvitch 407)

1962 Uaz 452-D

1963 Moskvitch 408-E

1964 AZLK Moskvitch 408 “Tourist”

1965 KAZ 608B “Kolhida”

1965 Moskvitch 408-E

1965 Zil 118A “Junost” Ambulance

1967 Gaz-21S Volga. 3rd Generation (1962-1970)

1967 Zaz 966

1967 Zil 114

1968 Gaz 24 Volga

1968 RAF 977DM “Latvia”

1968 RAF 977DM “Latvia”

1968 RAF 977DM “Latvia”

1968 RAF 977EM “Latvia”

1969 Izh 412. First Generation

1969 Moskvitch Elite 1500M

1969 RAF 977 “Latvia”-Series Full-Line

1969 RAF 977IM “Latvia” Ambulance

1969 Scaldia 408 (Moskvitch 408)

1970 Gaz-24 Volga

1970 Gaz-24 Volga

1970 Gaz-24 Volga

1970 RAF 977EM “Latvia”

1971 Lada 1200

1971 Zil 117

1971 Zil 118K “Junost”

1972 Gaz-24-02

1972 Vaz 2103

1973 Lada 2101-94 “Militsiya”

1974 Lada 1200

1974 Lada 1300

1974 Lada 1600 (2106)

1975 RAF 2203

1976 Lada 2106, also known as Lada 1600

1977 Lada Niva

1977 RAF-2203

1979 Lada 1300 S


  1. Which one was Bernie's favorite car?

  2. Oh look, two comments and one is already some american political slander! Shocking.

    1. I went to college in Canada. And the Lada sold reasonably well. The big selling point was they started well in the cold.❄️ I myself had a Yugo. It was a great basic car. Never gave me an trouble.

  3. Several of the Ladas seem to be very Fiat inspired. The Moskvitch looks very like a Hillman.

    1. The first gen Lada is a fiat 124 with modified drivetrain. It was cheaper from them to make copy a car then develop a brand new one

  4. And you only had to wait five years to buy one!

  5. I had a Lada 1200 and a 1300, fun to drive, but only reliable motors, odd breakable solutions for other things. And yes the original Lada was licensed from FIAT.

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  7. Compare the Soviet cars with the USA in USA in that time !




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