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February 19, 2020

Hungarian Photographer Recreated Photo of the Same Mom and Daughter From the Budapest Market Picture When It Went Viral After More Than 30 Years

The picture of a young woman and her daughter went viral recently after more than thirty years since it was taken in a Budapest marketplace in 1987. There were some who compared the mother with Princess Diana in the 1987 photo, others praised the charisma of the young woman, and more praised of her work.

This viral photo was taken on Museum Boulevard in Budapest, 1987. (Photo by Attila Manek)

When Attila Manek realized that his photo achieved success after more than thirty years since it was taken, he was unaware that a digital version of it had been uploaded to Facebook, neither did he know who took it or where. Anyway, many commentators wondered what the people in the photo are like today, so Attila decided to take a very similar photo in 2020.

Attila Manek recreated the photo again in 2020 after it went viral, but now it was taken in the Budafok market. (Photo by Attila Manek)

According to the photographer, whose wife and daughter are on the viral photo, the original photo was taken on Museum Boulevard in Budapest, where they were living at the time. And the new version was taken in the Budafok market with the same protagonists — Marti and her daughter Eniko.
“He wanted to depict the difficulty of the “second shift” with the picture of how mothers are burdened: They take the baby home after work and even have to buy it. For the sake of the joke, the little girl, Eniko, got into a huge bag.” – said Fanni Manek, the girl’s sister.
Eniko is now a 33-year-old chemistry scientist. Her mother, Marti, whom Attila had met at MTI’s photo editorial team, has been involved in translation and article writing since, and currently works for a medical company.


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