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March 1, 2020

45 Classic Postcards Show Inside Cocktail Lounges of the U.S in the 1950s and ’60s

A set of classic postcards from old night clubs and cocktail lounges of the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.

Missouri. Holiday Inn Red Slipper Cocktail Lounge, Springfield

California. Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

California. Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

California. Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco

California. Hotel Mark Hopkins, San Francisco

California. Rick's Rancho, Santa Maria

California. Trader Vic's, San Francisco

Colorado. Gilded Garter, Central City

Connecticut. Hawthorne Inn Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, Berlin

Florida. Creighton's International Restaurant, Riviera Beach

Florida. Jon's Crosswinds at Davis's Docks, Marathon

Florida. Kapok Tree Inn, Madeira Beach

Florida. Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale

Florida. The Blue Horizon, Miami Beach

Florida. The Castaways, Miami Beach

Florida. Yankee Clipper, Fort Lauderdale

Illinois. Gene Kamp's Island Home, Chicago

Illinois. Stouffer's Top of the Rock, Chicago

Illinois. The Drake Hotel, Chicago

Illinois. The Palmer House, Chicago

Indiana. Manger Motor Inn, Indianapolis

Louisiana. The Monteleone Carousel, New Orleans

Louisiana. The Monteleone Hotel, New Orleans

Massachusetts. Avaloch, Lenox

Massachusetts. Ember Lounge at the Taylor Farm Restaurant, Tewksbury

Massachusetts. Statler Hilton, Boston

Michigan. Club Continentale, Detroit

Michigan. The Roostertail, Detroit

Minnesota. The Pick-Nicollet, Minneapolis

Nevada. Dunes Hotel & Country Club, Las Vegas

New York. Burt Bacharach's Dover House, Westbury 

New York. Manger Hotel Purple Tree Lounge, Rochester

New York. Stevensville Country Club, Swan Lake

New York. Stouffer's Top of the Six's, New York

New York. The Nevele Country Club, Ellenville

Ohio. Colonial House Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, Youngstown

Ohio. Manger Hotel, Cleveland

Oregon. Hotel Benson, Portland

Oregon. Portland Hilton

Pennsylvania. The Summit, Tannersville

Texas. Sheraton-Dallas Hotel, Dallas

Washington, D.C. Manger Hamilton Hotel

Washington. The Davenport Western Hotel, Spokane

Washington. The Roosevelt Hotel, Seattle

Wyoming. Wort Hotel Silver Dollar Bar, Jackson Hole

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  1. Very nice to have these photos when the USA wasn't such a shithole like it is now.




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