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February 15, 2020

40 Vintage Snaps Show People Dancing in the 1960s

Compared to many dances of the previous decades, partners were no longer needed to join in on the fun. Famous dances in the sixties were often associated with a song. In some cases, the lyrics instructed listeners in how to perform the dance.

However, often the singers just implored dancers to "do the [name of dance]." It was up to friends, DJs, and television programs such as American Bandstand to spread the moves to the latest dance craze. Many famous dances from this era were actually short-lived fads.

There were some famous dances in this period such as the Freddie, the Frug, the Hitch-Hike, the Loco-motion, the Mashed Potato, the Shimmy, the Swim, the Twist...

And these fascinating snapshots captured people doing with some dances from the 1960s.


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