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February 12, 2020

Cool Pics Show the 1950s Interior Designs by Armstrong

These great photos are from the book Inspiring 1950s Interiors from Armstrong by C. Eugene Moore. Inspiring, wonderful, awful, they are definitely fabulous.

1950s Living Room

1950s 'Old Salt' Basement

1950s Asian Inspired Living Room

1950s Attic Apartment

1950s Basement Rec Room

1950s Basement with BBQ Grill

1950s Bathroom

1950s Bathroom

1950s Birdcage Kitchen

1950s Boy's Cowboy Attic Room

1950s Cowboy Basement

1950s Crows Nest Bedroom

1950s Curious Kitchen

1950s Ice Blue Kitchen

1950s Kitchen

1950s Kitchen/Living Room

1950s Living Room with Calder-Like Mobile

1950s Playpen

(via Library Fashionista)


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