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January 19, 2020

38 Amazing Pics Document Everyday Life of the US in the 19th Century

In the decades following the Civil War, the United States emerged as an industrial giant. Old industries expanded and many new ones, including petroleum refining, steel manufacturing, and electrical power, emerged. Railroads expanded significantly, bringing even remote parts of the country into a national market economy.

Industrial growth transformed American society. It produced a new class of wealthy industrialists and a prosperous middle class. It also produced a vastly expanded blue collar working class. The labor force that made industrialization possible was made up of millions of newly arrived immigrants and even larger numbers of migrants from rural areas.

American society became more diverse than ever before.

These amazing pics from Thiophene_Guy documented everyday life of the United States from between the 1850s and 1890s.

Broadway on a rainy day, NY, 1859

The Rag Rorums celebration at St Johnsbury, Vermont, 1959

Market Day, Hanover Street entrance, Carlisle, PA, 1860

The railroad station at Lewistown, PA, circa 1860s

Civil War era Independence Day picnic, PA, 1862

Soldiers on Broadway (New York City), men in trees and crowds lining the street during Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession, 1865

Pawnee Indian camp, 1866

Christmas in Orford, NH, 1868

A family prayer meeting, perhaps in the vicinity of Newport, Rhode Island, circa 1869

Group of young lady Sunday school teachers, Ottawa, Illinois, circa 1870s

Minnehaha falls in winter, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1870

New Orleans Principal steamboat landing, from Gravier street, looking down the levee, circa 1870

The shop was located at showroom at 346 and 348 Broadway, New York, circa 1870s

Chicago river after the Great Fire, 1871

Minnehaha falls and bridge, circa 1871

An artist sketching ancient ruins, Cañon de Chelle, N.M, circa 1873

Whirligig in Shützen Park, Philadelphia, PA, 1873

The Club Girls of Friend's School, Providence, Rhode Island, 1874

Family in front of a sod house, Kansas, circa 1875

A lady and her horse in Putnam, NH, circa 1880s

American Fork Canyon, Wasatch Range, Utah, circa 1880s

Buildings in Atchison, Kansas, circa 1880s

A busy street in Bismarck, Dakota Territory (now North Dakota), 1883

A group on Flag Staff Ledge in Mauch Chunk, PA, circa 1885

A spelling match in Augusta, Georgia, circa 1885

Croquet in Augusta, Georgia, circa 1885

Lightwood merchants in Augusta, Georgia, 1885

Bathers in the surf at Manhattan beach, Brooklyn, New York, 1889

The first ferris wheel, Chicago, 1893

Circus parade, Washington, D.C., 1894

Broad Street, Philadelphia, circa 1895

Independence Day festivities in Marengo, Illinois, 1896

Wrong end up, Atlantic City, NJ, 1896

A pioneer and his family in Oregon, circa 1890s

Coney Island bathers, NY, 1899

Decorated San Francisco, circa 1890s

Horse drawn trolley traffic on Washington Street, Boston, MA, circa 1890s

On the beach at Coney Island, NY, 1899


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