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January 31, 2020

20 Amazing Photos Show the Household Survey of Sweden in 1945

How were the living conditions in Sweden 1945? Just see the photographer Lena Böklin’s documentary photos from Swedish homes in the middle of the 20th century.

The Swedish National Board of Health and welfare wanted a pilot study of the differences between households in the city and the country. Swedish living conditions and household habits would be documented! Nyköping would represent the city. Tuna, 10 km outside Nyköping, represented the rural areas.

These amazing photos from Sörmlands museum is part of a survey conducted by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare from 1945 to 1946. The aim was to examine the standard and living conditions between the city (Nyköping) and the country (Tuna).

Doing homework in the kitchen of the family Lindgren in Tuna, 1945

Gardener Karl Bertil Karlsson's living room, Tuna, 1945

In the home of shoemaker Knut Gunnar Johansson, Enstaberga in Tuna, 1945

In the kitchen of the family Eriksson, in Tuna. Mrs Eriksson did the dishes after every meal, 1945

Taking care of the garnement, in the kitchen of the family Jansson in Tuna, 1945

The kitchen of the family Vald, in Tuna, 1945

At the dinner table in the kitchen of Wärin family, Södra bangårdsvägen 16 in Nyköping, 1945

Baking at the family G. Larsson, Bagaregatan 6 i Nyköping, 1945

Baking at the family Lindhe, Vallarvägen 4 in Nyköping. The survey showed that most families baked bread and cakes at least once a week, 1945

Dinner in the living room of John Wallin family, Brunnsgatan 2 in Nyköping. The father John takes care of the toddler, 1945

Doing the dishes in the kitchen of the family Halldin's home, Fruängsgatan 58-60 in Nyköping, 1945

Doing the laundry in the kitchen of the Segerberg family, Guldsmedsgatan 8 in Nyköping, 1945

In the home of Gustaf Petterson, Västra Kvarngatan in Nyköping, 1945

Knitting in the living room, probably in Nyköping, 1945

Seven siblings sharing bed and room. The apartments in the city were often crowded, probably Nyköping, 1945

Sewing at the family Karlsson, Magasingatan 4 in Nyköping, 1945

Sigrid Karlsson's kitchen, Östra kvarngatan 14-16 in Nyköping, 1945

The kitchen in the family Karlsson's home, Repslagargatan 18 - Brunnsgatan 41 in Nyköping, 1945

The wife scrubs the floor of the Johansson family's kitchen, Borgaregatan 15 in Nyköping, 1945

Two youths sit by the radio playing the guitar, probably in Nyköping, 1945


  1. I so enjoyed taking a moment to stroll through this blog. Your feature photos of homes in Sweden 1945 for the study of life in the country vs life in the city communicated well the differences. I especially enjoyed considering the people and the fact that we each have a unique story to tell, a story for which we were created. Glad I found your blog this morning. Thank you for sharing the pictorial history of Sweden.




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