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January 14, 2020

Beautiful Photos of St. Moritz, ‘the Most Fashionable Village in Europe’ in 1947

In 1947, LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt came to the famous Swiss resort of St. Moritz and photographed the luxurious life at the place in the post-war years. Its March 10, 1947 issue read:

“The exiled royalty, minor princes, beauties, near beauties, sportsmen and bankers of the International Set consider St Moritz the place to spend a winter holiday. It is not just because this village, tucked high in the Alps of southeast Switzerland, is world-renowned as a winter sports center, with a famous Olympic bobsled run, unparalleled ski slopes and miles of beautiful mountain trails. It is mostly because St. Moritz is the most fashionable village in Europe. For more than half a century royalty has assembled on its Alpine slopes, at its outdoor cocktail bars and in its luxurious dining rooms. St. Moritz has always been the place to see the world's great. It has also been the place for the not-so-great to be seen.

Somehow St. Moritz got through the war without closing. This winter, despite currency restrictions, the resort has all the sybaritic elegance of prewar years…. Only nowadays, as one native observed, ‘The princes are not princes any more.’”

Below are 32 photographs capture stunning and extravagant scenes at the resort in 1947:

Street scene in snow-covered winter-resort village.

Sleigh-ride from town to jumping hill in snow-covered ski-resort village.

The Palace Hotel in center of fashionable winter resort.

Woman walking pet chihuahua in snow-covered winter-resort village.

Privileged dog gets thorough whisking when he returns to hotel from snowy streets.
Swiss bobsledders at start of practice run.

Good of cresta, a kind of bobsled, coasting around sunny bend as people peer from above the cresta run.

Snow-covered winter-resort village (St. Moritz) excellent to symbolize this aspect of the country.

GIs on leave from Germany hiring sleigh to go from station to hotel in snow-covered winter-resort village.

Zuber Cabin in snow-covered winter-resort village.

Zuber Cabin in snow-covered winter-resort village. Hotel Chantarella in background.

The exclusive Corviglia Club House in the Alps above fashionable winter resort of St. Moritz where an elite group can lunch away from other tourists.

Headwaiter at the Palace Hotel in fashionable winter resort inspecting his wait staff.

Midday cocktails at St. Moritz are served on the private ice rink of the Palace Hotel at a bar made of snow.

Guests at fashionable winter resort napping and sunbathing on hotel terrace after lunch.

Guests playing bridge at the Kulm Hotel in fashionable winter resort.

Locals and tourists spending an evening of dancing and drinking at the Chesa Veglia in fashionable winter resort.

Sleigh-ride in snow-covered winter-resort village St. Moritz.

Sleigh-ride from town to jumping hill in snow-covered ski-resort village.

Patons sitting on cafe terrace in snow-covered winter resort.

Beginners and avid skiers taking to the slopes, while others are enjoying a lounge chair for watching the activities.

Men curling on frozen pond.

Benches on promenade in center of snow-covered winter-resort village.

Rider passing Church Leap on the Crest Run.

Skating on ice rink at Suvretta House, deluxe hotel in the Alps, three miles outside fashionable winter resort village of St. Moritz.

Snow-covered winter-resort village St. Moritz.

Ski lesson on Alpine slopes of winter resort.

People walking from town to jumping hill in snow-covered ski-resort village.

Ski lift on Alpine slopes of winter resort.

Two skiers chatting on a snow bank in the fashionable winter-resort village of St. Moritz.

Snow-covered hill above ski resort village.

First stop on funicular from village of St. Moritz to the skiing are of Corviglia. Hotel Chanterella in background.


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