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December 3, 2019

Last Pictures of Sharon Tate Taken by Terry O'Neill in London, 1969

These pictures of heavily pregnant Sharon Tate were taken by photographer Terry O'Neill in London on August 6, 1969, three days before she was murdered.

On August 9, Sharon along with her friends Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski and Abigail Folger were murdered by members of The Manson Family at her home in Los Angeles. Steven Parent an 18-year-old who was visiting the home’s caretaker was also killed on the property.

Sharon pleaded with the killers to spare her life for the sake of her unborn child due in two weeks. One of Charles Manson’s followers tied a rope around her neck stabbed her 16 times, then dipped a towel in her blood and wrote “PIG” on her front door.

Sharon never got to meet her son, Paul Richard Polanski. His life was taken before it began.


  1. The man in the center of the painting Sharon is sitting under (photo #8) actually looks like Manson.

    Strange and chilling.

  2. It also looks a little like a bearded Jim Morrison. And the name Morrison starts with the letter M and ends with the letters SON just like Manson.
    Strange and chilling? No. Just normal coincidence.
    Lots of Americans in the late 60's looked like that, and there is no reason to read any more into it than that.

  3. The man in the painting also looks like he's standing over a body.

  4. photo #8 : coincidence, nothing to see... absolutely nothing ! :)

  5. Sharon was in the USA, not London, 3 days prior to her death. There are photos of her outside her 10050 Cielo Drive home at that time.

  6. These photos were taken in July 1969 before she left England and arrived in Los Angeles on the 20th July and met her Family at her home for a reunion and to watch the moon landing at her home that night. Sharon was only home 17 days when she was killed in the early hours of 9th August.




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