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December 23, 2019

Rare Photographs of Princess Diana Performing a Dance With Wayne Sleep During a Private Christmas Gala in 1985

As a kid, Diana Spencer dreamed of being a ballerina but her dreams came to a halt as she was too tall. Nevertheless, she continued to dance throughout her life and famously danced with John Travolta at President Reagan’s White House reception in 1985.

Diana even surprised her husband Prince Charles by secretly rehearsing a routine with ballet dancer Wayne Sleep for months.

When the two headed to the Royal Opera House on December 23, 1985 for a show, Diana excused herself and took to the stage to perform a once-in-a-lifetime jig to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” with Wayne as her partner.

“We did eight curtain calls… 2000 people with one gasp of breath together, I’d never heard that before,” Wayne Sleep later confessed in an interview discussing how she surprised the entire audience.

“They were in shock and then they realized it was her. I said now you have to bow to the royal box and she said ‘I’m not bowing to him, he’s my husband!’ I said, ‘Well I have to!’”

The performance was actually one big surprise, and the pair had managed to keep it a secret not just from Charles and the rest of the royal family, but the paparazzi too.


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