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December 14, 2019

35 Beautiful Pics of Young Mariah Carey That Defined Her Fashion Style in the Early '90s

Mariah Carey's vocal style, as well as her singing ability, have significantly impacted popular and contemporary music. She has consistently been cited as one of the greatest and most influential vocalists of all time.

According to Rolling Stone, "Her mastery of melisma, the fluttering strings of notes that decorate songs like 'Vision of Love', inspired the entire American Idol vocal school, for better or worse, and virtually every other female R&B singer since the Nineties."

In addition to her vocal ability, Carey has been credited for her role and impact as a songwriter and producer.

However, the singer wasn't necessarily a fashion icon. In retrospect, most of Carey's outfits from the '90s were pieces that a lot of women wore at the time, whether they were chic wardrobe staples like LBDs and slip dresses, or more casual looks worn with a comfortable pair of jeans.

Take a look at these beautiful pics to see fashion style of a young Mariah Carey from the early 1990s.




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