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December 24, 2019

50 Impressive Black and White Photos Capture Amsterdam's Street Portraits in the Early 1970s

During the 1970s, the number of foreign immigrants, primarily from Suriname, Turkey, and Morocco, grew strongly. This increase led to an exodus of people to the ‘growth cities’ of Purmerend, Almere and other cities near Amsterdam.

However, neighbourhoods like the Pijp and the Jordaan, which had previously been working class, became sought out places of residence for the newly wealthy yuppies and students. Amsterdam that used to be a poor city in the Netherlands turned into an economically rich city thanks to the new economical trend towards a service-economy instead of an industrial economy.

These impressive black and white photos were taken by WOMEN & WORLD that show portraits of people on streets of Amsterdam in 1970 and 1971.


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