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November 21, 2019

26 Vintage Photos of Women With Their Cameras in the Past

Before digital popularity and smartphones, here below is a collection of interesting photos from Steve Given that shows women with their vintage cameras in the past.

French photographer and her whole plate tailboard camera, circa 1900s

Lady with a large Kodak folding camera, circa 1910s

A woman in swimsuit holding her Ansco Box camera, circa 1920s

Woman with her Argus A 35mm camera, circa 1930s

Joan Davis, a 20th Century Fox comedy actress, with a Zeiss Ikon folding plate camera on an overkill tripod during November 1939

A United States Women's Army Corps Photographer with an Argus (Brick) camera, circa 1940s

A young woman in shorts is using her Kodak Six-16 Brownie Junior camera, circa 1940s

Lady with a Graflex Super D camera, circa early 1940s

Young lady with a Kodak Brownie Special Six-20 camera, circa 1940s

United States Army nurse of 44 Evac. Hospital with her Zeiss Ikonta camera during June 1944

United States Army photographer lass using the sports finder frame of her Graflex camera, circa 1944

While undergoing training, United States military photographers practice with the Graflex camera during May 1944

A beautiful woman holding her Polaroid Highlander camera while smiling, circa 1950s

A young woman holding her Leica 35mm camera, circa 1950s

An obvious eye-catcher touring the Mediterranean with a 35mm Leica camera, circa 1950s

Lady with a Leica, somewhere in England, circa 1950s

Three women with Kodak Brownie box cameras, including a Six-20 Brownie D, a Six-20 Brownie Junior, and a Six-20 Brownie C, circa 1950s

Woman is shooting with a Leica camera, somewhere in England, circa 1950s

Margaret Truman, daughter of the former President, Harry S. Truman, displays her skills with a Graflex camera. She borrowed the camera from pressmen during a function at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago, Illinois, during September 1953

A nice looking '60s girl shows off her nice looking Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex camera

Girl with a Ihagee Exacta 35mm camera at beach, circa 1960s

Maxine Sullivan, of Melbourne, Australia, with a Petri 35mm camera, and a typical teen coiffure during the 1960s

Norma, a normally topless model, with her Nikon F 35mm camera, circa 1960s

Twins, LaVona and LaVelda Rowe who were press photographers for the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper with their Graflex cameras, February 1961

Roberta Woolley, an English actress visiting Chicago, Illinois in March 1964, sports a 35mm Corfield Periflex camera and a Weston Master light meter

Actress Arlean Dahl with an AMP 8mm Sound movie camera during October 1968


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