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November 11, 2019

12 Strange Vintage Baby Car Seat Ads From the Mid-20th Century

Car seat technology has come a long way since the mid-20th century. For instance, we don't use steel slabs for babies anymore...

When cars were first on the roads, there were no restraints for adults or children. As parents realized that children could be distracting in the car, restraints were invented to keep the child immobile. However, there did not seem to be much knowledge or concession towards safety in these seats. They were very basic in design and features.

As time passed, car manufacturers put more effort into making cars safer. Seat belts were introduced and infant car seats became more rigid and tolerant to impact. Eventually, laws were introduced to enforce car seat use and to ensure that the seats were assembled and fitted correctly.

Here is a look at the first attempts available to keep the little one in their seat.

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  1. The straps at least kept baby from ruining the windshield. And keeping them away from the killer metal front corners of the dashes was more important than anything. But the baby chairs of death were just lame. Not one of them looked like it had any chance of remaining where it was and certainly couldn't do any good once it broke free. And is that baby on the rear deck not also in a Corvair? Seems appropriate.

    To be fair, no one wore seat belts at that time, anyway, even if they had them, which was unlikely. American makers didn't have to provide them until 1966. And drivers caught the solid steel steering column and the broken free steering wheel hub in the chest, while passengers picked up an open skull fracture from the top edge of the dash and two hip fractures and bilateral comminuted femur fractures from artfully sculpted lower edge.




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