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November 26, 2020

She’s Got Legs: 20 Vintage Photos Show That Tina Turner’s Legs Were ‘Simply the Best’

“I always had long legs. When I was young, I used to think, ‘Why do I look like a little pony?’” Turner said in an interview with Oprah. But clearly, she’s grown to love them. The star’s reportedly had her legs insured for $3.2 million.

Simply the best. Better than all the rest. Onstage, she becomes Tina Tornado, a force of nature who taught Mick Jagger how to move and women how to walk away.

“She’s so gutsy and dynamic,” Mick Jagger said. Added Keith Richards, “The first time you see Tina is mind-boggling.” Tina Turner has always been an icon-mascot to the British supergroups, and even today she is revered more in Europe. The Rolling Stones, particularly, were pivotal in her career. Tina Turner got her first wide exposure to young white audiences in the 1960s, when she and former husband, Ike Turner, toured with the baby Rolling Stones in England. “Tina was great-looking, plus she could move and she had that voice. Usually you can have a voice but you can’t move, or you’re good-looking but you can’t sing. How can anybody have that much?” said Richards. “With Tina, there it all is – it’s all there.”

So, because we have a serious case of leg-envy, here are her sexiest short-skirt wearing moments:

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  1. She was always so tall and skinny. Such a perfect body




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