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November 12, 2019

These Strange Cricketeer Suit Ads Are From the 1970s!

Cricketeer was a suits brand from the 1970s that stayed around until at least the mid-80s. You can easily find one on eBay or Etsy if you’re an extra busy serious business man who loves doing yoga on the daily but don’t have the time to change out of your serious business man suit!

Whoever was behind Cricketeer’s ads used the hell out of the part of their brain that produces fuckery (in other words, they were on ALL the coke). Cricketeer had one ad that pushed their suits as the perfect thing to wear to slay a dragon. They had another ad that presented 23 ways to avoid marrying a girl, and that included giving her 550lbs worth of barbells for an engagement gift, scratch constantly, call her “mommy” during sex, and “call her at 4:27 a.m. on a Sunday morning and ask if she can think of a 12-letter word beginning with ‘A’ meaning ‘Before the Flood’.” So yeah, they were on ALL the coke and more!

But the ads below are the ones that brag about how Cricketeer’s polyester suits are so comfortable and stretchy that you can easily do the “presenting your hole” pose in one. The words on that ad say that the Cricketeer suit was the Sally O’Malley of suits because it stretched, kicked, stretched, pretty much. And wearing it was almost like being naked.
Cricketeer has come out with a line of 100% Dacron polyester knit suits that give you almost as much freedom as the birthday suit.

Like the birthday suit, they stretch, twist, bend, and are wrinkle resistant.

At the same time it should be pointed out that while the Cricketeer knit suit is easier to war it is also easier for pay for. It’s only about $100.

(via Dlisted)


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