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November 17, 2019

Sexual Temperance Spoon: The Only Spoon That STOPS Stirring!

Ladies! Nip Tumescence in the Bud... with the SEXUAL TEMPERANCE SPOON

Guaranteed to soften even the most optimistic ardour!

SCHOOL nurses have known for centuries that a sharp blow from a cold spoon is the best way to tame an unwelcome erection. Now at last, these spoons are available to the public if you finished with all that nonsense twenty years ago, but it still raises its ugly head, then and this spoon is for YOU!

Made in Sheffield from finest quality stainless steel, the Sexual Temperance Spoon is kept nice and cold in its own miniature chilling cabinet. Measuring only 6ins x 6ins x 10ins, the cabinet fits easily on the bed-side table, ready for any nocturnal emergency.

“My hubby got ideas one night after watching ‘Carry On Camping’. A quick flick with the Temperance Spoon sent him scampering to the spare room with his tail between his legs thanks!” Mrs. R Barnsley

“It’s a SPOON!” Mrs. B Essex

Please note: Extremely turgid erections may require more than one whack on the lid.


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