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November 11, 2019

Amazing Color Pics Document the Production Line of Porsches in Zuffenhausen in 1970

" In 1970, I was able to tour and photograph the 'production line' for Porsches in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart. In reality, there was no production line in the modern sense. It was a complete contrast to the VW factory at Wolfsburg which was a state of the art facility mass producing the Beetle and other models (see another of my Albums).

At Porsche, the bodies were assembled by hand and then, mounted on trollies, wheeled around the factory from station to station for the next stage in assembly. The Porsche was truly 'hand made' in 1970."

These amazing pics were taken by Bruce Thomas that documented the production line for Porsches in Zuffenhausen in 1970.

Fitting the roll bar to a Targa model

Smoothing a few rough edges with an angle grinder

Traditional lead filling

Porsche 911 bodies ready for assembly, a Targa model in the foreground

Front suspension assembly

Fuel injected engines for the USA market

Carburettors, lots of them

The 'production line' at Porsche. Bodies are simply wheeled along on trollies to the next station

Headlining is hand fitted

The fuel tank evidently comes later!

Nearing completion

The 914/6 model was assembled at Zuffenhausen but not the mass market VW Porsche 914

Final assembly of 914/6 model. Not much evidence of German efficiency though

Porsche 911s ready for their new owners


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