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November 19, 2019

Iconic and Intimate Portraits by Jerry Schatzberg

For over 50 years, celebrated photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg has captured some of the most iconic portraits of famous figures of a generation, including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Fidel Castro and Andy Warhol. Schatzberg’s portraits are notably identified for their narrative feature, as he always left his subjects to their own devices in order for their characters to fully come through into his shots. Here are some of Schatzberg’s striking portraits, taken mostly in the 1960s:

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, in army fatigues, gestures as he speaks emphatically during a press conference held soon after the Cuban revolution, Havana, Cuba, 1959.

Close-up profile of American lawyer (and future politician) Ted Kennedy, Boston, Massachusetts, 1962.

With buildings reflected in the window, Roman Polanski holds the brochure for the first New York Film Festival, New York, September 1963.

Low-angle view of Elia Kazan, New York, 1964.

Jane Fonda in a cowboy hat, checkered blouse, and jeans dangles a gun in her right hand as she stands in front of a black background, New York, October 1964.

Robert Redford rests his chin in his hand as he sits at a restaurant table with a checkered tablecloth, New York, October 1964.

In velvet top hats, scarfs, and suits, The Beatles pose in front of a dark pink velvet curtain, New York, 1964.

Catherine Deneuve dresses in a sweater and corduroys as she sits on the grass, Brittany, France, May 1965.

Diana Ross dances at Ondine Discotheque, 59th Street, New York, 1965.

Ursula Andress, New York, September 1965.

Bob Dylan poses with his hands clasped, New York, January 1966.

Close-up of Faye Dunaway with tears on her cheeks, New York, March 1966.

Angela Lansbury in a gold dress and white fur coat as she poses against a white backdrop, New York, 1966.

Andy Warhol in a leather jacket and sunglasses, New York, April 1966.

Natalie Wood looks through a ribbon-tied curl of hair, New York, May 1966.

Sharon Tate in a half-unbuttoned white blouse, London, England, 1966.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sits on a stool, New York, September 1966.

Portrait of the Rolling Stones via a fish-eye lens, New York, September 1966.

Close-up Aretha Franklin in a white iridescent plastic dress and matching earrings, New York, February 1967.

Wilson Pickett, in a purple satin shirt and black leather vest, as he sings in front of a white background, New York, July 1967.

Reflection of Jimi Hendrix as he fixes his hair in a mirror backstage during a concert at Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, New York, July 1967.

Warren Beatty crouches in front of a white background, New York, November 1967.


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