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November 10, 2019

Nash Airliner Reclining Seats, 1953

Do You Know?

How Nash Airliner Reclining Seats Turn into Twin Beds in 30 Seconds?

1. At lever touch either front seat back adjusts to any of five comfortable positions. Right-hand seat, fully reclined, makes a wonderful “couch” for children’s or passenger’s naps.

2. No longer need the driver sit rigidly in one position. Just touch a lever and change the angle of the seat back. Tall men say it’s the greatest idea yet for comfort on long drives.

3. All the comforts of home! Your Nash dealer offers easy-to-inflate air mattresses and special window screens at small cost—providing a wonderful home on the road for you.

4. Twin Beds in 30 seconds! Both front seat backs recline to fill space between front and rear seats, creating roomy Twin Beds for hunters, fishermen—everyone who travels.

Reclining Seats and Twin Beds are just two of the scores of exclusive Nash features available. See and drive the new 1953 Air-flytes, styled by Pinin Farina, at your Nash dealer’s. Take the key and see—”there’s none so new as Nash for 1953.”


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