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November 6, 2019

Rare and Candid Photos of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Mischa Pelz During a Photoshoot for Deeco Garden Furniture, 1953

Mischa Pelz was a commercial photographer, who usually shot products. He and Marilyn were friends but had never worked together until he was hired to shoot the lawn furniture with her as the model. This was taken right before the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

For years Pelz told his friends about the photos… but never brought them out. It kind of sounds like a case of “they’re in a really safe spot–a spot so safe even I don’t know where it is”!

It literally took a Southern California earthquake to reveal these candid shots. Their box rumbled off the shelf and Marilyn and the patio set tumbled out. Pelz’s former assistant (who had purchased the studio) was the lucky one who made the discovery.

Deeco outdoor products were designed in California with manufacturing in Huntington Park and in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, their east coast facility. Marilyn continued to do shoots for SunMaster Umbrellas & Deeco Aluminum Outdoor Furniture, and we see her in subsequent advertising.

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