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November 22, 2019

Italian Classic Beauty: 25 Glamorous Photos of Giovanna Ralli in the 1950d and '60s

Born 1935 in Rome, Italian stage, film and television actress Giovanna Ralli debuted as a child actress at 7. At 13 she made her theatrical debut, entering the stage company of Peppino De Filippo. After appearing in Federico Fellini and Alberto Lattuada's Variety Lights (1950), Ralli had her first film roles of weight in mid-fifties, often in comedy films.

In 1959, she had a leading role in Roberto Rossellini's General Della Rovere, that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, while in 1960, her performance in Escape by Night, still directed by Rossellini, was awarded with the Golden Gate Award for Best Actress at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Ralli later won a Nastro d'Argento award, as best actress, for La fuga (1964). In mid-sixties she had a brief Hollywood career, starting from Blake Edwards' What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?. In 1974, she won her second Nastro d'Argento, as best supporting actress, for We All Loved Each Other So Much.

Starting from early eighties, Ralli focused her activities on stage. In 1993, she received a Flaiano Prize for her career. In 2003, she was made a Grand Officer of the Italian Republic.

At the 2015 Taormina Film Fest, where she received a special award for her career, Ralli announced her retirement from acting.

Take a look at these glamorous photos to see the beauty of young Giovanna Ralli in the 1950s and 1960s.


  1. I don't know about 50d, she looks more like a 38 to me.

  2. Giovanna ! Italian classic beauty: ROMA = AMOR

    "Happily now on classical soil I feel inspiration.
    Voices from present and past speak here evocatively.
    Heeding ancient advice, I leaf through the works of the Ancients
    With an assiduous hand. Daily the pleasure's renewed.
    Throughout the night, in a different way, I'm kept busy by Cupid—
    If erudition is halved, rapture is doubled that way.
    Do then I not become wise when I trace with my eye her sweet bosom's
    Form, and the line of her hips stroke with my hand? I acquire,
    As I reflect and compare, my first understanding of marble,
    See with an eye that feels, feel with a hand that sees.
    While my beloved, I grant it, deprives me of moments of daylight,
    She in the nighttime hours gives compensation in full.
    And we do more than just kiss; we prosecute reasoned discussions
    (Should she succumb to sleep, that gives me time for my thoughts).
    In her embrace—it's by no means unusual—I've composed poems
    And the hexameter's beat gently tapped out on her back,
    Fingertips counting in time with the sweet rhythmic breath of her slumber.
    Air from deep in her breast penetrates mine and there burns.
    Cupid, while stirring the flame in our lamp, no doubt thinks of those days when
    For the triumvirs he similar service performed..."

  3. Giovanna ! Queen of Trastevere !

    "Do not, beloved, regret that you yielded to me so quickly:
    I entertain no base, insolent thoughts about you.
    Arrows of Cupid work divers effects. Some do but scratch us:
    Slow and insidious these poison our hearts over years.
    Yet with a head freshly honed and cunningly fledged, certain others
    Pierce to the marrow, inflame rapidly there our blood.
    When gods and goddesses in days of heroes made love, then
    Lust followed look and desire, with no delay, was indulged.
    Surely you don't think the goddess of love lost a moment reflecting
    When, in Idean grove, Anchises caught her eye.
    Nor did Luna delay about kissing that beautiful dreamer—
    Jealous Aurora had else hastily wakened the lad.
    At the loud banquet Hero regarded Leander—then promptly
    Into dark waters he plunged, ardently swam toward his love.
    When Rhea Silvia, princess and virgin, came down to the Tiber
    Just to fetch water, a god seized her and that is the way
    Mars begat himself sons, a pair of twins whom a she wolf
    Suckled. Today a proud Rome claims to be queen of the world..."

  4. Wonderful Giovanna Ralli !

    "But, I think, if Love is attacking me I’d feel it.
    Surely he’s crept in and skilfully hurt me with secret art.
    That’s it: a slender arrow sticks fast in my heart,
    and cruel Love lives there, in my conquered breast.
    Shall I give in: to go down fighting might bank the fires?
    I give in! The burden that’s carried with grace is lighter.
    I’ve seen the torch that’s swung about grow brighter
    and the still one, on the contrary, quenched.
    The oxen that shirk when first seized for the yoke
    get more lashes than those that are used to the plough.
    The hot steed’s mouth is bruised from the harsh curb,
    the one that’s been in harness, feels reins less.
    Love oppresses reluctant lovers more harshly and insolently
    than those who acknowledge they’ll bear his slavery.
    Look I confess! Cupid, I’m your latest prize:
    stretching out conquered arms towards your justice..."




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