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November 18, 2019

45 Fascinating Color Pics Captured Street Scenes of Germany in the Mid-1960s

A set of fascinating color pics from Kai Heinrich that shows street scenes of Germany around 1965 and 1967.

Drugstore at Klever street corner Rheinstraße, Xanten

"Flensburger Tageblatt" on the Schmiedestraße in Kappeln (Schlei)

"Schleswiger Straßenbahn" tram in Kappeln (Schlei)

Air traffic control craft FL11 in the shipyard at the port of Husum

Around Kappeln (Schlei)

Around Kappeln (Schlei)

Around Kappeln (Schlei)

Around Kappeln (Schlei)

Around Kappeln (Schlei)

At the Husum port

Bernkastel-Kues street scenes

Bernkastel-Kues street scenes

Dorfstraße in Simonsberg

FA. Vega in the port of Husum

Fischer, probably in or around Kappeln (Schlei)

Fischer, probably in or around Kappeln (Schlei)

Fishing port in Kappeln. In the background is the Nestle plant, today Cremilk

Grauhöft in Kappeln

Hotel Kieler Hof in Kappeln

Husum port

Husum shipyard

Husum Water Tower at Schlossgarten on the Marktstraße, corner of Parkstraße

In front of the newsagent Charlotte Haar, Kappeln (Schlei)

Kappeln (Schlei) Sieck store

Market at the Hauptmarkt (with St. Gangolf and Marktkreuz) in Trier

Market hall and "Cafe am Rathaus" on the market square in Bernkastel-Kues

Mühlenstraße 7 in Kappeln

Neustadt, südlich der der Ecke Schloßstraße, Husum

Nordstraße in Kappeln (Schlei)

Probably in the Eifel or near the Moselle

Ramstein Castle near Kordel in the Kyll valley

Roter Haubarg at Eiderstedt

Sailboat with the boat name- "Günn mi dat - FSC SLSV", Port of Maasholm

Sankt-Leonhard-Kirche in Koldenbüttel

Ship named "Suderelbe" in Kappeln (Schlei)

Somewhere in Kappeln (Schlei)

Somewhere in Kappeln (Schlei)

Somewhere in Kappeln (Schlei)

Somewhere near Husum, probably south

The "Hilligenlei", ferry to Langeness, in the port of Husum

The Parkplatz (parking lot) on the Querstraße in Kappeln

The Steinweg in Gemünd with a Hanomag. In the background- St. Nicholas Church in Gemünd (Schleiden)

Three Women on the countryside road, somewhere in Germany


Zell looking up Zehntgasse


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