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October 20, 2019

50 Rare and Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos From the Making of ‘The Outsiders’ (1983)

The Outsiders is considered one of the most romantic, heroic interpretations of 1950s youth to ever be brought to a film screen. The brain behind the book the film was based on, S.E. Hinton, created a world that would transform the way teens saw themselves. She also created Sodapop, Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, Cherry, and all the other unforgettable characters who would become icons of young adult fiction and visual media in the 1980s to the present. The story centers around a group of disenfranchised teenagers, their struggles with identity, and the pressures that come with it.

The 1983 movie would become one of the best novel adaptations ever. It would also take young actors Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, and Rob Lowe and make them into some of the most famous actors of the ’80s, ’90s, and today. That’s all thanks to the director, Francis Ford Coppola. The man behind Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, and The Great Gatsby directed this classic YA adaptation.

The times on the set, however, were unconventional in every sense of the word. Hyper-realism and authenticity to the material were important to Coppola, resulting in quite a few crazy things that happened on and off set. From the burning of a church steeple to an actor living on practically five dollars a day, this nearly doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the many off-the-wall things that happened to the cast during the making of this film.

Below is a gallary of some of rare behind the scenes photos from the making of 1983 American coming-of-age drama film.


  1. How "rare" can they be if they show up on a Google Image search?

  2. Yeah... The 1980s... One of the worst decades of the 20th century. (There are three: The 1930s for it's depression. The 1940s for the nightmare of World War Two and the 80s, for it's sheer level of non-creativity and banality (Beep beep boop boob music, anyone?) The 50s were bad the first time. Why did anyone bother bringing it back in the 80s?

  3. Oh my gosh. The things I would do to be alive in these times…now a days everyone has their nose an inch away from a screen but in the 80s people would just enjoy life and make the most of it. I love the outsiders so much!!! This movie is the best thing that has ever happened to me.




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