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October 18, 2019

Amazing Pics That Document Daily Life of a Bristol Family in the Edwardian England

This album was found by Wolfgang Wiggers at a German flea-market. The name of the owner does not appear in the album, but due to the captions, it can be assumed it was a young German woman that lived and worked in England between 1894 and 1910. She has lived in Bristol together with a family called Herring.

Daily life of a Bristol family in the Edwardian England
"Even more fascinating is that one of my Flickr friends could find the names of the mentioned persons in the 1901 census. They are presumably: Mr. Alfred Herring and Mrs. Herring (Emily Haines); they got married in 1879. Her children were all born in Wargrave Berkshire and lived in Westbury on Trym before they moved to Bristol. They are: Justin Howard Herring born 1889, Mabel Herring born 1884, Hilda Herring born 1886, Emily Elizabeth Herring born 1881 (this might be 'Milla')."
Maybe someday one of their descendants will find these photographs.

Brighton, March 1895

A trip to Sea Mills in August 1899

Cosy Corner. Drawing Room. St. Ivans in Bristol, around 1900

Outdoor Teatime, August 1901

Hilda and Mabel Herring in the garden of St. Ivans, September 1902

A promenade in Coombe Dingle, Bristol, Aug. 9th, 1903

Justin playing golf in the garden of St. Ivans, 1903

M's Bedroom, St. Ivans, Bristol, 1903

Mabel, August 1903

Summer in the front Garden of St. Ivans, 1903

The front Garden of St. Ivans, 1904

Her British friends are on a trip to Germany. The caption under the photograph says- "Mr. H., Mrs, Justin H., Fr. N. F. (Glücksburg 1905)"

Lazy Sunday Afternoon. Justin , St. Ivans is in Bristol, 1908

"Mighty Lak' a Rose" was a hit in Edwardian times. She's probably playing such kind of music, St. Ivans, 1909

Mr. and Mrs. Herring in the front garden of St. Ivans

Their house that is still standing. In 1900 it was called St. Ivans. Today it is Downleaze 5.

Numbers 5 & 6 Downleaze, Bristol. (Photo by Brambly)


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