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October 21, 2019

Horrible Music for Your Eyes and Ears With 27 Bad Album Covers!

In many ways, an album’s artwork is the perfect opportunity to entrance curious eyes and create an aesthetic that symbolizes the music. For some fans, the first impressions they have of an album come from its artwork.

This hot record collection of bad album covers will get your eyeballs dancin’ and your toes a-tappin’. Cuz it not only features some of the worst LP artwork but some groovy song samples from these gifted musical artists as well. Everything from rock and metal bands to country, gospel comedy, and jazz by artists from around the world are all right here in their everlasting glory.

(via Team Jimmy Joe)


  1. I don't think Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist belongs on this list. It's a Krautrock classic and the cover is actually pretty cool IMO.

  2. Agreed...bad call to include it.

  3. Since when has five been a quartet?



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