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October 11, 2019

1970s Zingers! Full-Sized Toy Vehicles

These are the Zingers!, the “hairiest, scariest fistfuls of muscle yet,” according to the ads for the line of MPC plastic models introduced in 1971.

In the days when wild show cars reigned, legendary promoter Bob Larivee Sr. drew crowds by commissioning full-scale versions of top-selling toys. Perhaps the most well-known is the Red Baron, built in 1:1 scale in 1969 by Chuck Miller of Styline Customs based on the Tom Daniel-designed Monogram model.

When Larivee wanted fullsize Zingers!, he called on Styline to build the VW, the van, and the Vettes shown here in these Mike Brenner photo outtakes from a story in the July ’71 HOT ROD. The dune buggy was built by show-car builder and drag-racer Steve Tansy. The life-size Zingers used real engines with half-scale bodies, and others on the show circuit (and in the model-car line) included a ’57 Chevy and a Super Drag dragster.

(via Hot Rod Network)

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  1. This is why I still do a lot of business in Michigan. It doesn't matter what it is...if you can imagine something, ANYTHING, someone in Michigan can build it. If something is broken, somebody will know someone who can fix it. The auto industry really screwed them over as a state, but along with the financial desolation Michigan was left with a ton of incredibly talented mechanical engineers. These men have passed all that knowledge on to the next generation, who are now coupling it with modern technology. You would not believe some of the things that I have seen being built in barns and garages there!




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