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October 19, 2019

33 Fascinating Color Photos Capture Everyday Life of Brazil in the Mid-1960s

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. It is the world's fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous. Its capital is Brasília, and its most populated city is São Paulo.

The federation is composed of the union of the 26 states, the Federal District, and the 5,570 municipalities. Brazil is the largest country to have Portuguese as an official language and the only one in the Americas; it is also one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations, due to over a century of mass immigration from around the world.

Brazil is considered an advanced emerging economy. It is one of the world's major breadbaskets, being the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.

These fascinating color photos were taken by Gene Whitmer that documented everyday life of Brazil from 1965 to 1967.

Rio de Janeiro. Cinelândia, Bar Amarelinho

Rio de Contas. Slow day with some of the local fellows

Rio de Janeiro. Novo Rio bus station

Rio de Janeiro. Ipanema Beach

Amambai school

Amambai. A small tailor shop on main street next to the Banco do Brasil

Amambai. In front of the Hotel Alaska on the road going to Ponta Porã

Bahia. Inside the Salvador bus station

Bahia. Salvador bus station

Bahia. Salvador street scenes

Bahia. Tough job in Salvador

Baiana lady, icon of the Bahia

Bus to Vitoria da Conquista

Bus to Vitoria da Conquista

Campo Grande. Bar Gato Que Ri on Rua Dom Aquino

Campo Grande. On Rua 14 de Julho looking toward the intersection with Dom Aquino

Copacabana. Old Cine Rian at Rua Barão de Ipanema, now Prestana Rio Atlantic Hotel

Cuiaba. Praça da Republica, Rua 13 de Julho

Espírito Santo. Carnaval street dancing

Espírito Santo. Carnaval street dancing

Espírito Santo. Domingos Martins, Bar Montahês

Espírito Santo. Main street

Espírito Santo. Opposite end of the street from the entrance to Domingos Martins, Clube Social on the left

Espírito Santo. People at Carnaval

Espírito Santo. Street Carnaval

Espírito Santo. Street Carnaval

Espírito Santo. Street Carnaval

Espírito Santo. Vitoria, Maria Ortiz Staircase going down to Av. Jeronimo, Italian restaurant to the right

Local taxis on border, between Ponta Porã and Pedro Juan Caballero

Main street in Marechal Floriano

Minas Gerais. Famous Elderly Lady whose spot was the praca where the buses arrived and departed

Minas Gerais. Ouro Preto, Museu da Inconfidência, Praça Tiradentes 

Ponta Porã. Grande Hotel staff


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