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October 4, 2019

That Likable Look: 1950s Grooming Tips for Stewardesses at the Air Career School

A lovely vintage flight attendant from 1957, smartly attired as members of her profession were required to look during the golden era of airline travel.

Hair clean and shining
A soft feminine hair style
Skin soft and smooth
Delicate flattering make-up
Teeth clean and healthy
Voice well modulated
Modest tasteful clothing
A minimum of jewelry
Hat and gloves for street wear
A well fitted girdle
Fresh lingerie daily
Hem lines of becoming length
Body skin fresh and clean
A light, pleasing fragrance
Daily use of a deodorant
Armpits hair-free
Hands soft and manicured
Legs smooth and free of hair
Feet well groomed and well shod
From the expectation that one would (or perhaps had to) wear a “well fitted girdle” to the fact that platinum nail polish was out the question, it’s fascinating to look back at this list of dos and don’t and think about what airline hostesses of days gone by had to comply with in order to keep their jobs.


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