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October 3, 2019

26 Amazing Pics Show What Life of France Looked Like in the Early 20 Century

These amazing pics from Archives Photos that captured everyday life of France from the 1900s and 1910s.

Huelgoat's pond and wood, circa 1900

The fall, circa 1900

Three-master at anchor, Nantes, circa 1900

The Huelgoat, La Mare aux Sangliers, 1905

Hot air balloon, Rallye-Ballon de Château-Gontier, 1907

Rose Touron, taken in Champniers (Charente), 1907

Man and children in rags barefoot, circa 1910

Boats on the port of Houle in Cancale, circa 1910

Group dressed in a garden, circa 1910

Hunters, pond in Préchac, Gironde, circa 1910

Looking the other way, circa 1910

Parc du Plessis-Tison, Nantes, circa 1910

People swiming, circa 1910

Unloading cods, Saint-Malo, circa 1910

Walk on the suspension bridge, Tonnay-Charente, circa 1910

A departure at the Anjou circuit, Grand Prix d'aviation d'Angers, 1912

Boat trip, Roscoff, 1912

Beach of Rochebonne, Saint-Malo, 1914

On the beach of Rochebonne, Paramé, circa 1914

Jean Verdon, Le Chiron, January 17, 1915

French soldiers pose, Alsace, 1917

Soldiers at Soissons, April 14, 1917

Edith Pierron rides her mechanical horse, 1918

Edith Pierron with Pierre Pineau, taken at La Féolle, December 15, 1918

Louis Cherbonnier, Néré, January 19, 1919

Waterfall, Gorges de Ballandaz, 1919


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