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September 18, 2019

Wendy Pini Cosplay: 22 Rare and Amazing Photographs of Wendy Dressed as Red Sonja in the 1970s

Wendy Pini does it all. In the 1970s Wendy used to hit the cons dressed as Sonja. She was born in San Francisco in 1951, and from an early age demonstrated the talents later to come to fruition as a professional illustrator, and eventually as the creator of Elfquest.

Wendy’s youthful interest in fantasy was inspired in part by such luminaries as Shakespeare and Kipling. She took artistic inspiration from Victorian illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, designers such as Walt Disney, Doug Wildey, and Erté, as well as comic book greats such as Jack Kirby and Japanese manga artist Osamu Tezuka.

Wendy has worked for nearly all the major comics publishers such as Marvel, First Comics, Comico, DC Comics and, most recently, Dark Horse Comics. She wrote and painted two critically acclaimed graphic novels based on the hit TV series “Beauty and the Beast” and supplied text and illustrations for “Law and Chaos,” an art book inspired by the writings of Michael Moorcock.

She is stunning and sexy as well as DANE-GER-OUS with that sword in her hand. The creator of Elfquest has a sword and sorcery series she produced with her husband. She was a trailblazer as well. The Elfquest books were probably what we would consider the very first graphic novels. A trendsetter she was that Wendy Pini!


  1. Yes, she was "hot"—and happily posing as her own comic creations.

    I have other photos of her, from the American Booksellers Association annual conventions, when she appeared in more traditional garb.

  2. Photos 9,10, and 21 are not of Wendy Pini. Funny seeing these, she used to throw a fit after she got into comics publishing when people brought up her cosplay pics to sign because she thought they were fannish. She was a very competitive woman, didn't really play nice with other girls, so it's funny to see her now making a big thing of her cosplay days. Frank Thorne sure had some stories.




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