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September 13, 2019

40 Amazing Photos Show Exterior and Interior of the RMS Lusitania

Photographs of Q.S.T.S. "Lusitania" is a photographic album put together by the Cunard Steamship Company Ltd, and held by the DeGolyer Library, at Southern Methodist University.

Regal suites of the RMS Lusitania

This album contains amazing photographs of exterior and interior views of the Quadruple Screw Turbine Steamship Lusitania. The Lusitania, the sister ship to the Mauretania, and was torpedoed by a German U-boat during World War I in 1915 off the coast of Ireland, sinking in 18 minutes. Over 1000 passengers died. Besides civilians, the Lusitania was carrying large amounts of rifle ammunition.

Photographs in the album are by Bedford Lemere & Co., architectural photographers to His Majesty the King.

Boat deck

En suite room, view of parlor

En suite room, view of the bedroom

En suite room

En suite room

Entrance to the writing room and library

First class dining saloon

First class lounge and music room

First class lounge

First class lower dining saloon

First class promenade deck, looking aft

First class promenade on the boat deck

First class smoking room

First class smoking room

Hoisting machinery on the boat deck


Machinery space

Navigation bridge

Observation deck

Officer standing on the navigation bridge, looking aft

Officers' smoking room

Purser's Bureau, on the Promenade Deck

Regal suite parlor.

Regal Suite with door opening to dining room

Regal suite

Regal suite

Seating area opposite elevator and staircase

Second class dining saloon

Second class entrance

Second class ladies lounge

Second class lounge

Staircase and elevator

Staircase, promenade deck

Stateroom, second class


Third class deck

Third class dining saloon

Verandah cafe

View of first class lounge and music room

Writing room


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  2. Any photos of the crew as my friends dad was a 2nd class steward on her the trip she was sunk he was saved but never well enough to return to sea my friend is still alive at 103 by the way he was also on Carpathia the night she saved the Titanic passengers.



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