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September 14, 2019

‘Mommie Dearest’: That Time When Faye Dunaway Played an Insane Joan Crawford

Mommie Dearest is a 1981 docudrama film depicting actress Joan Crawford as an alcoholic, a clean freak and a terrifyingly abusive mother to her adopted children.

Faye Dunaway’s chilling and operatic performance as the classic actress, though considered one of the most memorable of her Oscar-winning career, is believed by many to be the exact silver bullet that ended her position in Hollywood at the time.

Upon its release, the film turned out to be an unintentional comedy and later became a commercial success. At the second Golden Raspberry Awards in 1981, it earned Dunaway a prize for Worst Actress, along with five other wins, including Worst Picture.


  1. Go watch Devon Green's Gucci commercial with Faye.

  2. So why would a woman who became infertile after her third abortion, throw a fit over a wire coat hanger in front of her adopted daughter?



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