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September 24, 2019

Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Are Grouchy at the Table

(Also—New Way to Make Dumplings Feather-Light; 87% Quicker Than Old-Fashioned Way; Saves 39 Steps) –– by Betty Crocker

This article is for woman who would like to take the frown off her husband’s face when he comes home from work tired and cross.

A cheery disposition on your part is the first thing to start turning a man’s mind from his work to his home.

Next—give him a good meal with some variety in it. Good food works wonders. A filled stomach draws the blood from the head. Relieves the pressure. The frown gives way to a smile.

Now here’s something delicious and tempting. Something different in a dish men “go for”—Bisquick Cheese Dumplings In Tomato Sauce.

And—a way that, at last, banishes utterly the cause of sogginess and heaviness.

Speed Is The Trick


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