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September 22, 2019

1960’s Chevy Infant Storage Solution

The 1960 Corvair dash baby cradle – a safe, comfortable way to carry your baby before car seats were even a concept. Warmest place in the car, it has a rear engine, and the engine vibrations lulls the baby.

“Oh no,” you say to yourself, “I have accommodated all that I needed to fit into my wonderful 1960 Chevrolet Corvair, but now there is no room for my beloved bundle of joy, ‘Joseph.’”

Don’t you worry, daddy; it’s a problem as old as time. That’s why the brilliant engineers at Chevrolet have ingeniously crafted a first-in-class baby cradle into the dashboard!

Incidentally, this is also a last-in-class.

From the comfort of his, shall we say, “exhilarating” perch, your baby will enjoy a second-to-none forward view of the road. And since the humble 80 HP engine is weaker than an asthmatic mule, you don’t have to worry about your precious, fragile little human tumbling onto the floor under hard acceleration; there is none!

Worried about your baby’s safety in the event that an abrupt stop is required? Don’t be, he will be safely retained by the standard, soft glass windshield!

But wait! There are other perks, too! Flip on the windshield defrost and set your HVAC to hot to quickly warm your baby – because a warm baby is a happy baby! Never leave your attention-hungry human cargo out of your sight, as his diminutive little body obscures your forward view of the road! And with the optional automatic transmission, gear shifts are hands free, perfect for one-handed coddling of cute little Joseph while your other hand rests safely on the wheel!

Thank goodness the times have changed.

(via CMP Chevrolet Buick GMC)


  1. Reminds me of my own childhood days spent in the "rumble seat" of our VW Bug with our boxer, Smelly Melly aka Melody. Just the two of us in there all comfy cozy (and smelly!). I graduated to the drop-down backspace in our station wagon for the '70s. Lying on a blanket with my books and snacks surrounding me, waving at the cars behind me. Who needs seat belts? Seems just as safe as this little fella.

  2. I believe that's the back window of a 4 door Corvair. See the cooling vents for the rear engine ? So the baby is not really in the windshield but the rear of the car.
    Many a child used to ride on the package shelf behind the rear seats before we knew about "safety".

    1. It is the back window. This site doesn't concern itself with proofreading or accuracy, it just cuts and pastes the photos and text from other sites. Probably one of the biggest reasons people don't tend to stick around here long.

  3. That's a 4 door Corvair's back window. See the rear-engine vents? The baby is in the backseat, not the windshield.




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