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August 7, 2019

“Stuffed” Girl’s Heads! Only $2.98

This is less sexist and more just plain perverse. Honor House Products Corp. was responsible for Sea Monkeys, X-Ray Specs, Jet Rocket Space Ships, Polaris Nuclear Subs and apparently “stuffed” female heads.

Kind of like an old fashioned sex doll, you can tailor your woman’s head to your tastes and enjoy the elegant glow of a woman’s smile in your front room. Unlike a sex doll however, the ‘Conquest Doll’ isn’t even for sexual relief. It is just a plastic doll’s head mounted on a board like a sick, twisted trophy. Sexual deviants in the fifties were over the moon with this nifty bit of design ingenuity.

The “stuffed” girl’s head will set you back only $2.98 and comes in all sorts of colors— blonde, brunette, redhead— in order to enable the busy modern man to both keep track of all of the women he’s beheaded had sex with and let visitors to his house know that they’re dealing with a real piece of work. According to the product description,
... the first realistic likeness of the exciting women who play an important part in every man's life... and one of the nicest qualities is that they don't talk back! Accurately modelled to three-quarters life size of real gals, these heads are so life-like they almost breathe!
The heads came with a money back guarantee and request that the buyer specify what color hair they’d like their ladyhead to have.


  1. Is "stuffed" less or more offensive than "empty" or "mounted" would have been?

  2. Ah yes, good old "Miss Pinky".

  3. Where can I buy one?




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