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August 25, 2019

Lovely Pics of Joan Crawford and Franchot Tone Together in the 1930s

In 1935, Franchot Tone married actress Joan Crawford; the couple divorced in 1939. They made seven films together – Today We Live (1933), Dancing Lady (1933), Sadie McKee (1934), No More Ladies (1935), The Gorgeous Hussy (1936), Love on the Run (1936), and The Bride Wore Red (1937).

During the time they were married, they tried to have children, but Crawford had several pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. Tone took their split hard, and his recollections of her were cynical — "She's like that old joke about Philadelphia: first prize, four years with Joan; second prize, eight".

However, many years later, when Tone was dying of lung cancer, Joan often cared for him, paying for his food and medical treatments. At one point during this period, Tone suggested they remarry, but she declined the offer.

These  pics captured lovely moments of Joan Crawford and Franchot Tone together in the 1930s.


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