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August 27, 2019

The Otter: The 1950s Amphibious Caravan That Time Forgot!

Ever wanted to combine your love of caravanning with life on the ocean - well, river - waves? Watch to find out how these people did exactly that with the help of an amphibious caravan.

The caravan you are about to see, the Otter, is unlike any other caravan you’ve seen before. This caravan is the latest invention of designer Alan Eckford who refused to accept the existing limitations of caravans. He created the unique, new, ingenious ‘amphibian caravan car’ - one that sails.

Billed as a “caravan just as much at home in the water than on land” in 1955, the Otter is quite possibly the first ever amphibious caravan. The caravan was so light that a car with just eight horsepower could tow it anywhere, and once you hit the water with it using the help of small team of three friendly individuals, anything from a 1.5 horsepower two-stroke to a 4 horsepower racing engine could turn it into the ultimate river cruiser.

A amphibious caravan for dream holiday – a week in the countryside and a week at sea (or river). Great!


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