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August 9, 2019

Amazing Color Photos Document Everyday Life of an American Family in the Mid-1950s

Back when life was simple, a color slide collection from ennailuj shows daily life of an American family in the mid-1950s.

"My husband's grandfather took a lot of photos, mostly slides. The photos were for the most part taken in Nebraska and California, with a smaller number taken on Whidbey Island in Washington and in Bemidji, Minnesota."

S, H & C by trailer

Mother and son

Father and son

Newborn S, C & H inside trailer

Mother, son, and cake

Father, son, and cake

Mother and son

Happy family

Family portrait

Look Ma, I'm on TV!


4 generations

Birthday cake

Carole & Ann in red kitchen


Family gathering in Bemidji, Minnesota at the picnic

Frank goes fishing

Grandson and grandfather

Great grandma Mimi is in the chair, Grandpa George is in the center. Glam-Mom, Carole (aka Gigi) is holding my husband. The other little boy is my brother in law

Frank,Sr & fish

George with fish

George, Kay and Roy. Kay and Roy were twins.

Grandma Kay and two women

H & C dressed up

H & C with hat and fish

Kay and Frank, Sr. on the sofa

Knotty pine kitchen

On the sofa, eating saltines


S & friend

S and Great Grandma Meme

Son and father

The cool kitchen

Two boys in highchairs

Young couple

Unknown Woman and Grandma Kay

Two couples. Taken at Grandma Kay's house, 2518 Worthington, Lincoln, Nebraska

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  1. A Google map search revealed that the house, now over 60 years old, is still there and is still owned by descendants of the couple that originally built it.




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