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July 23, 2019

Love During WWII: 30 Cool Pics of a Couple of Lovers in the 1940s

A set of cool pics from Daniel Schmid that captured portraits of his grandparents Gene and Maxine Schmidt during WWII when they were in love.

“My Grandma in Oakland, she was probably no more than 22 here. My Grandparents met during the War and fell in love, and wrote over 3,000 letters.”

Grandma Maxine Schmidt & car

Grandma & dog

Grandma fur coat

Grandma fur coat

Grandma Maxine on fence, Oakland

Grandma's legs

Grandma's skirt up

Maxine during WW2

Maxine grandma throwing baseball

Maxine in heart shirt

My grandma Maxine in Oakland, California

Portrait of young grandma during WW2

This is a picture of my grandma during WW2 and sent this picture during the War while my grandpa was out at sea

Grandpa Gene Schmidt on Jeep with dog

A journalist took this photo when my Grandfather was boxing during the war

Grandpa & 1941 Pontiac

Grandpa & a lady dancing, Pacific Islands, WW2

Grandpa & friend walking down the street

Grandpa & his plane

Grandpa & papaya tree

Grandpa & plane fixed

Grandpa duty

Grandpa Gene Schmidt & pipe, WW2

Grandpa relaxing

Grandpa Schmidt's WW2 plane

Grandpa showing off, Pacific Coast, WW2

Grandpa, friend & ladyfriend

My Grandpa and his friends

My Grandpa Schmidt is on the left, and that is his plane and a friend of his who were in the Navy

My Grandpa was on the left, he was a popular guy in the war, like many others



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