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July 31, 2019

Amazing Photos Show How Paris Has Changed Since the Late 19th Century

An amazing photo collection shows what street scenes of Paris looked like in the 1880s and 1890s.

The Porte Saint-Denis, Paris, 1880

Column of July and Gare de la Bastille, Paris, circa 1880s

Port of the Louvre, Paris from the Pont Royal, 1885

The Opera Garnier, Paris, 1885

The Royal Palace, Paris, 1885

The Gare Saint-Lazare station under reconstruction, Paris, 1887

Eiffel tower lift, Paris, 1889

Boulevard Sébastopol, Paris, August 1890

Paris street scenes, 1890

Place des Victoires, Paris, 1890

Rue du Temple, Paris, September 1890

The Opera Garnier, Paris in 1890

The Pont au Change, Paris, April 1890

The Porte Saint-Denis, Paris, May 1890

Eleven o'clock in the morning, Saint-Lazare station, Paris, 1892

Place de la Bourse, Paris, 1895

Boulevard des Capucines, Paris, circa 1890s



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