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July 29, 2019

22 Cool Pics That Show the '50s Badass Girls in Nylon Stockings

In 1954, women purchased an average of 12 stockings a year to the total cost of $9. Nylon was being used so much to make stockings instead of silk that ‘nylons’ became synonymous with stockings, and remains so to this day.

1950s stockings were still held up with garters, which were attached to the bottom of girdles. Reinforced holes at the back and front of the stocking made clipping garters into place more secure than past decades.  Knee high stockings with elasticized tops were a garter-less option, although they did tend to fall down if the fit was not perfect.

Unlike 1940s stockings, 1950s seams were often black regardless of body tone. The forties wanted a subtle seam while the 1950s embraced the visible seam. Both skin tone and black seams were equally popular in the 1950s. Stockings that were worn during the day were usually the color of skin or a couple shades darker for a tanned look (or to hide unsightly leg hair).

1950s nylons came in various types. Nude, beige, taupe, bronze were all common names of nylon colors.



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