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July 10, 2019

Old Photos of People on Sidewalk of Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles in 1936

Perino's was a restaurant located on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The original location at 3927 Wilshire Boulevard was opened in 1932 by Italian-American restaurateur Alexander Perino, immediately becoming popular with Hollywood's elite. In 1950 it moved to a larger location at 4101 Wilshire, where it remained until it closed in 1986.

The restaurant was a Los Angeles landmark which, like the Brown Derby, Chasen's, and Romanoff's, was famed for its celebrity clientele during the Hollywood Golden Age. Despite its closure, the restaurant enjoyed an afterlife as a filming location for film and television until the building was sold and demolished in 2005.

These old photos are from a Dick Whittington commercial assignment for the Chouinard Art School, people on sidewalk in front of Perino's, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA in 1936.

(USC digital archive/Dick Whittington Photography Collection, 1924-1987).



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