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July 20, 2019

25 Cool Illustration Pics of Armstrong's Interior Designs in the 1920s

These cool illustration pics from Rikki Nyman show Armstrong's interior designs in the 1920s. Armstrong Cork published these well-illustrated color ads that were fairly inspirational to the readers of American Home, Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful, and Pictorial Review.

1921 Armstrong Bedroom

1921 Armstrong Kitchen - Sanitary Style

1921 Armstrong Living Room

1922 Armstrong Boudoir

1922 Armstrong Linoleum - Sleeping Porch

1923 Armstrong Living Room

1924 Armstrong Bedroom

1924 Armstrong Breakfast Room

1924 Armstrong Colonial Style Bedroom

1924 Armstrong Dining Room

1924 Armstrong Kitchen

1925 Armstrong Bedroom

1925 Armstrong Living Room

1925 Armstrong Mauve & Gray Bedroom

1925 Armstrong Sleeping Porch

1926 Armstrong Colonial Style Bedroom

1926 Armstrong Kitchen

1927 Armstrong Sun Porch

1927 Armstrong Sun Porch

1928 Armstrong Kitchen

1928 Armstrong Living Room

1928 Armstrong Sunroom

1928 Armstrong Turquoise Living Room

1929 Armstrong Family Room

1929 Armstrong Living Room



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