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June 14, 2019

Rarely Seen Photos of Blanche and Buck Barrow of the Bonnie and Clyde Barrow Gang, 1931-1933

Blanche met Marvin “Buck” Barrow, brother of the infamous Clyde Barrow in 1929 in Dallas County while hiding from her husband; a result of an arranged marriage at 17.

Days after meeting Blanche, Buck was shot and captured following a burglary. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. On March 8, 1930, Buck escaped from Ferguson Prison Farm and hid with Blanche. They married July 3, 1931 in Oklahoma and honeymooned in Florida.

Months later, Blanche convinced him to turn himself in so they could live an honest life. She tried to make Buck go straight and leave the life of crime behind, but after his release in 1933, Clyde convinced him to rejoin him.

Devoted to her partner like Bonnie, Blanche loved Buck too much to leave him so she tagged along and they joined Bonnie and Clyde in Joplin, Missouri. After the infamous Joplin shootout with the police, Buck got severely injured in a shootout at the Red Crown Tourist Court in Platte City, Missouri. Blanche also injured her eye yet they all escaped. Shortly after, the gang was in another shootout in Dexter, Iowa. Bonnie, Clyde and W.D. Jones were all injured but managed to escape; Blanche and wounded Buck were captured.

Buck died a few days later on July 29, 1933. Blanche spent over 5 years (Sept. 1933 - Mar. 1939) in prison for her association with the Barrow gang. She remarried in 1940 and had no kids. Blanche died December 24, 1988.

These rare pics from Eclectic Vibes that captured moments of Blanche and Buck Barrow together from 1931 to 1933.

(via Eclectic Vibes)



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