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June 24, 2019

50 Fascinating Color Snaps Capture Everyday Life of Spain in the 1950s

A color photo collection from Found Slides that shows what life of Spain looked like in 1954.

Toledo. Street scenes

Toledo. Street scenes

Typical Street near Bailen

Typical Village Street near Cordoba

Basque Pyrenees. Market Day, Lecumberri

Basque Pyrenees. Market Day, Lecumberri

Basque Pyrenees. Market Day, Lecumberri

Basque Pyrenees. Street scenes in Irurzun

Carretas on road to Seville

Cordoba. Calle Gran Capitan

Dancers in costume at Selva, Mallorca

Escorial from Hotel Philippi

Granada. Alhambra Castle from Moorish Castle

Granada. Gypsy girls in Alhambra

Granada. Movies on location in the Alhambra

Madrid. Apartments for Government Employees

Madrid. Calle de Alcalá

Madrid. Calle de Serrano

Madrid. Calle General Mola

Madrid. Calle Goya from Calle Gen

Madrid. Don Quito Park front Crillon

Madrid. Jose Antonio main shopping street

Madrid. Lake and Statue of Alfonso, Retiro Park

Madrid. Pasa Castellano Parkway

Madrid. Plaza Cibelles looking to Calle Alcala

Madrid. Plaza Mayor

Madrid. Puerto De Alcala toward city

Madrid. Second hand market, Old Madrid

Madrid. Street scenes

Madrid. Strollers in Walk Paseo Recoletos

Madrid. The Prado Cibilles

Malaga Harbor and city

Mallaga Valley

Mallorca. Bagpiper Puerto Christo

Mallorca. Typical farmhouse near Pollensa

Mallorca. Windmills near Puebla

Palma. Coast and hotels

Palma. Dancing at hotel

Palma. Mallorca girl in costume

Pastorale Aragonez

San Sebastian fishing harbor

San Sebastian from Monte Igualdo

San Sebastian. Hotel Londres and Inglaterra

San Sebastian. Small boat harbor

Seville. Docks on river

Seville. Main Street

Seville. Street Barrio Santa Cruz

Seville. Street in Santa Cruz

Sheepherder of Aragon near Huesca

Sóller. Street scenes



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