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May 12, 2019

36 Cool Snaps Capture Lovely Moments of Moms in the 1950s and 1960s

Happy Mother's Day! A cool photo collection from Flickr members that shows lovely moments of their moms in the 1950s and 1960s.

Mom in yellow, circa 1950s

Blonde my mom, taken in Brooklyn, NYC, circa 1950s

Mom in colour, circa 1950s

Mom in the garden, circa 1950s

Mom in traditional dress, Germany, circa mid to late 1950s

Mom young lady, circa early 1950s

My dad kept this photo of mom in his wallet his whole life, circa 1950s

My Mom loves to fish, Mammoth Lakes, California, late 1950s

Mom in swimsuit near the 'Iron Bridge' in Derby, Maine, July 1952

Hip mom, hip baby. 'La joie de vivre' in the Bronx, 1953

Mom, in a sexy pose in our living room, circa 1955

Mom and dad at home in the Bronx, 1956

Mom and dad, 1956

"Mom's new hair do." Taken while visiting paternal grandparents at their home in Pemberton, NJ, May 22, 1956

Mom and me at Easter, New Jersey, 1957

Mom, roasting hot dogs, Long Beach, New Jersey, August 1957

Mom on the Sylvania from Quebec to Liverpool, July 1958

Mom, opa & oma, Venice, 1958 or 59

My mother starting her Christmas drinking early, December 1958

This shot is of me and my mother, taken when I was about four years old, New York, 1958

Mom Bonnie Lane-Childers in red, April 1962

Mom on her wedding day in San Luis Rey, 1962

Mom at home in South Dakota, April 1963

Mom posing with me in 1964 while standing beside Route 10 a few miles outside Huntington, West Virginia

Mom pushing my oldest brother Michael after a trip to the zoo, July 1965

Mom by the pool, Pennsylvania, 1966

Dad, mom, and me, 1968

Mom & my aunt, Preggo, Summit, NJ, March 1968

Mom mows the back yard of 204 Suncrest Rd., Sioux Falls, South Dakota, August 1968

Mom an my brother at the beach, July 1969

Mom at Niagara Falls, circa 1960s

Mom during the blizzard of '69 in New York City

Mom military ball, early 1960s

My beautiful mother as a teenager, 1960s

My mother in 1969, in Botafogo's district, with Sugar Loaf in the deep one

My mother in the late 1960s



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