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May 7, 2019

Do You Know How to Kiss? Let Carol Hughes and Lee Dixon Show You, Anyhow!

Sure, everybody knows how to kiss — after a fashion. But there’s a right and wrong way, so they say. And because of that Carol Hughes and Lee Dixon, of Hollywood fame, have volunteered to go into a clinch, object education of those who don’t know. Here, they say, is the proper stance, kiss and everything.

But wait, the approach, after all, is something. So let’s follow that technique in the other pictures.

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This is the “come hither” step, first move in the approach to a kiss. His eyes are talking. Looks, too, like Carol is answering. But still, she’s hesitating. (P.S Most of ’em do. but don’t ask how we know.)

He’s kind of shy. She’s rather coy. But don’t worry. He has a hand on her shoulder. And she doesn’t seem to be resisting. Well. not much, anyhow.

Lee’s all set, lips puckering. And now she has that look in her eyes. Just a matter of time now, boys and girls. This guy Dixon’s getting all the breaks.

Looks like love has conquered — or Dixon has, at any rate. She has her eyes shut now (they all shut their eyes, too) and her face is upturned. Come on, Lee. why the delay?

Surrender! Their lips are about to touch. Ahhhh! And now if you’ll jump back to the top of the page you can look again at the final clinch. Incidentally, Lee and Carol played together in “Ready, Willing and Able.”

(Source: The Pittsburgh Press (Pennsylvania). April 25, 1937; via Click Americana)



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