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May 21, 2019

Glamorous Photos Show the Holiday Party Style Inspiration From Hollywood's Classic Beauties

There's no better time than holiday party season to pull out your cocktail dresses. Sequins and sparkles are optional, but definitely encouraged. And, of course, there' s no better source of inspiration than classic beauties of Hollywood.

A list of Hollywood's classic beauties may inspire you by their party fashion styles.

Joyce Compton wears a floral dress, circa 1930s

Gladys George wears a sequined frock, 1934

Joan Crawford poses in a sequin dress in 1935

Bette Davis wears a dress with sequins in 1937

Lauren Bacall wears a bold red dress, circa 1940s

Lucille Ball wears a sequined top, circa 1940s

Rita Hayworth wears a lace dress, circa 1940s

Judy Garland in a sparkly silver dress, 1945

Esther Williams wears a plaid skirt in the 1950s

Gene Tierney wears a low-cut dress and statement necklace, circa early 1950s

Marilyn Monroe wears a black cocktail dress in a promo image for the 1950 movie "The Asphalt Jungle"

Rita Moreno wears a wide-neck dress, circa 1950s

Sophia Loren wears a red dress, circa late 1950s

Audrey Hepburn in a black cocktail dress, 1953

Elizabeth Taylor wears a black and white cocktail dress in Italy in 1953

Grace Kelly wears a strapless green dress, 1954

Natalie Wood poses for a photo in 1955

Dorothy Dandridge wears a flowy jumpsuit in 1956

Ava Gardner wears a holiday-themed outfit, 1960



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