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May 18, 2019

Splitting Image of a Woman and Her Grandmother, Both at Age 20! That’s Amazing!

This image of a granddaughter and her grandmother’s face mirrored side by side (both at age 20) drew a lot of attention on Reddit. The two women look exactly alike, down to the arch of their eyebrows.

It’s more than just a family resemblance — these two could have been twins. (Image courtesy of Maggie Patterson)

Maggie Patterson, the granddaughter in the photo (that’s the one on the right), told HuffPost the story behind the photo of her and her grandmother, “Tita.”
“One day while I was at my grandmothers house, I saw an old newspaper that she had out on the table. The image was one of her at 20 for her wedding announcement. As I looked at the photo, the more I realized we look alike. It was almost eerie, I felt as though I was looking at myself in that wedding dress.

“I [took] a picture on my phone, [then] snapped a photo of myself making the same face as her, edited it to black and white and added my grandmother’s photo. I only had to take one photo, and aligned our facial features. Needless to say, my grandmother was so surprised and happy once I showed her the photo of our two faces. I printed and framed it for her and now she keeps it right next to her in her living room!

“The fact that we look alike is such a compliment to me. She is 84 and just gorgeous. My mother also looks just like the two of us, so I know that I have great chances of aging well! They are beautiful women and I feel very lucky.”



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